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Odyssey – Inside Out

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New Guys On the Block – On the Dance Floor

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Ohhh do I love this track.  The Michael Jackson impression being done here is so good it co-opts some magic for itself.  Released by Sugar Hill in 1983, this did not catapult the groups featured singer(Lane) to any level of stardom above being a Sugar Hill recording artist.  I think it is a great little piece of post-disco dance floor magic.  Enjoy!

[audio |bgcolor=000000]

Mp3:  New Guys on the Block – On the Dance Floor

Secret Weapon – Must Be the Music

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Brandi Wells – Watch Out

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VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Yeah Right was in the bargain bin again!  Scored a sweet copy of this little pop/boogie gem for fifty cents last night and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.  Released on WMOT records in 1980, this was Brandi Wells’ debut album and debut single of the same name.  The songs themselves are pretty good but the production and musicianship, as she notes later on in the song, are pretty stellar.  Please enjoy along with me!

[audio |bgcolor=000000]
Mp3: Brandi Wells – Watch Out

Jakky Boy and the Bad Bunch – I’ve Been Watching You

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)JBoy Bad Bunch M44

This track, from 1983 on Salsoul Records, is an infectious mid-tempo boogie banger that will get stuck in your head for days.  Let that thick synth bass wash over you and that guitar put a pep in your step.  Enjoy!

[audio |bgcolor=000000]
Mp3: Jakky Boy and the Bad Bunch – I’ve Been Watching You

Cyril feat. Marcel Evans – Will You Show Up?

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Prime Time – I Owe It To Myself

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I threw a youtube clip of this up here a couple weeks back and thought that you deserved the mp3, since you’ve been so good this year. This track came out on Total Experience Records in 1984 and is a straight up feel good party banger. Please enjoy.
Mp3: Prime Time – I Owe It To Myself

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